• Light My Fire 

    Light My Fire 

    The cold weather is upon us. It’s that time of year where you like to snuggle up against a warm fireplace with a blanket and hot drink. We love building fireplaces at Hampden, and we’ve worked on everything from your standard living room fireplace, to your dual-sided fireplace, to kitchen fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, and everythingRead More →
  • Making the Most Out of Your Bathroom Spaces

    Making the Most Out of Your Bathroom Spaces

    Big or small, powder or master, bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they need to be family-friendly, able to accommodate a tub; other times, they need to be a spa-like oasis taking you away from the every day, and at times you need to fit a lot into a little. At Hampden, we’veRead More →
  • Creating Lasting Partnerships: LDa Architecture and Design

    Creating Lasting Partnerships: LDa Architecture and Design

    As a builder, it’s essential to create lasting relationships with trade professionals that you not only work well with but trust. From the first stage of the building process to the very last, effectively communicating with a trustworthy team allows you to produce your best work possible. One of our trusted trade partners is LDaRead More →
  • Tips and Advice for Building and Renovating in 2021

    Tips and Advice for Building and Renovating in 2021

    You’ve seen the articles, the home and building industry is booming, but suppliers are struggling to keep up. The lumber prices have skyrocketed in recent months, and there are significant delays on any special-order items. This news would make anyone second-guess if now was the right time to tackle a home renovation or build aRead More →
  • A Love Letter to Built-Ins

    A Love Letter to Built-Ins

    They come in every shape and size. They can be enclosed or exposed; mid-century modern, rustic, traditional, contemporary, or everything in between. They can be any color or material, standard or completely customizable. Built-ins can be just as unique as a home; no two are the same. They’re space-dependent and style-dependent. Enclosed, they can provideRead More →
  • The Direction of Design

    The Direction of Design

    Home additions and renovations have become a priority now that people are spending more time at home. Beautiful kitchens, master bedroom suites, and family room additions/renovations have always been popular, but in today’s climate, the design and construction industry notices other emerging trends. While homeowners have always sought solace in a bathroom oasis, the buildingRead More →
  • Same Space, New View

    Same Space, New View

    Being a good builder means being a good listener. We listen to the client and their needs, along with listening to the home, becoming the home’s translator. One of the biggest challenges builders face during a renovation of an existing space is to make it look like it was meant to be there from theRead More →
  • Making a ‘BOULD’ Statement

    Making a ‘BOULD’ Statement

    How do you take a boulder and transform it into a custom-made fire pit for your backyard? You pick the type of stone; you pick which boulder, and you turn it into a fire pit. Easy right? Guess again! The overall goal of this project was to create an outdoor living space that mirrored theRead More →
  • Let’s Talk About Trees

    Let’s Talk About Trees

    At Hampden Design + Construction, it’s our goal to help give back to the earth what we take from it when we build and renovate homes. Did you know that it takes more than 20 full-grown Douglas Fir Trees to build every 1,000 square feet of structure?* As a builder, I feel it’s important toRead More →
  • An Interview with New England Real Estate Journal

    An Interview with New England Real Estate Journal

    Boston is a city full of hidden gem properties. Getting your hands on one of these properties is exciting, but along with the excitement comes the realization that it most likely needs a great deal of work.Read More →