David Cohen

Award winning, Hampden Design + Construction was founded in 2003 by Principal and owner, David Cohen.

David, a licensed Construction Supervisor and Building Inspector, grew up always building, faceting, tinkering, and taking things apart. After getting degrees in business and economics, David worked for an investment firm, but soon realized sitting at a desk was not for him. Leaving the 9-5 behind, David joined the family business, ‘Hampden Automotive,’ a company that his grandfather started on Hampden Street in Jamaica Plain. There, David would learn the importance of a solid work ethic and hard labor. After Hampden Automotive went out of business, David focused back to his passion he decided to join the construction world, turning his hobby into a career and carrying on the family name. Thus, Hampden Design + Construction was born. Today, David resides in Newton, where he was born and raised, with his wife and three kids, living – and building – the white picket fence.

Priding himself on being a great listener to both the client and the home, David provides nothing but respect, hard work, and open communication throughout the design and construction process. “Builders, in general, are one of the last professions that start with nothing and create something,” states David, “Anybody can build a box, four windows and a ceiling, but how you create these unique spaces is a one of a kind process.”

Since its inception, Hampden Design + Construction has earned several notable distinctions, most recently being named “Best Custom Home Design/Build 2020” by Boston Home Magazine. In addition, Hampden’s projects have graced the pages of some of the region’s top design publications, along with being featured on PBS’s award-winning program “This Old House.”

Commitment to Quality
The majority of our business is comprised of residential projects – either renovation of rooms within an existing footprint or additions which blend seamlessly with your current home. We also only build one or two custom homes each year, being ever-vigilant not to over-extend ourselves and compromise our commitment to quality and value.

A True Partnership
Your choice of builder is of critical importance. Depending on the scope of your project, we’ll be spending anywhere from three months to a year together. We need to feel comfortable with each other and you need to feel confident that we can accomplish your goals.

Our Credentials
Principal and owner, David Cohen, founded his company in 2003 and is both a licensed Construction Supervisor and a licensed Building Inspector.  His firm earned several notable distinctions over the years, most recently being named “Best Custom Home Design/Build 2020” by Boston Home Magazine.  In addition, Hampden’s projects have graced the pages of some of the region’s top design publications and one of their projects was featured on PBS’s award-winning program “This Old House.”

Hampden’s management team is comprised of highly-experienced project managers and supervisors who work directly with clients on all aspects of their project. For each project, we build a team of skilled subcontractors of every specialty that we know and trust, and who are deeply committed to the team and the success of the project. 

Client References
We are happy to provide with the contact information of clients we’ve worked with in the past.  We encourage you to ask about our professionalism, attention to detail, problem-solving capabilities and quality of the end product.

One Tree Planted
It takes more than 20 full-grown Douglas Fir Trees to build every 1,000 square feet of structure.* At Hampden Design + Construction, it is our goal to help give back to the earth what we take from it when we build and renovate homes. We’re happy to be partnering with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focusing on global reforestation, where we pledge to plant a minimum of 1200 trees in North America forests each year.

As an environmental charity, One Tree Planted is dedicated to creating a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation efforts around the world. Launched in 2014, One Tree Planted has more than doubled the number of trees planted year over year. Today, the organization works with forward-thinking reforestation partners in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa who work tirelessly to restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build communities, and protect habitat for biodiversity.

This philanthropic effort is in line with Hampden’s commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability with best building practices.  In addition to supporting the reforestation effort, our goal is to help spread the word about this worthwhile organization and inspire others to help do something positive for our environment.

To donate to One Tree Planted click HERE.

*Statistic from HomePreservationmanual.com

Historic Newton Sponsorship
Hampden Design + Construction is excited to be partnering with Historic Newton as the sponsor of their popular “Storytime at the Museum” series.

The free, bi-weekly Storytime program engages kids ages 0 months to 3 years by focusing on literacy, Newton’s history, play, and lessons from our museums. Families are encouraged and welcome to bring older siblings. Each 20-25 minute program includes a reading from a children’s book and a demonstration of a related activity that can be completed at home.

Storytime now streams live online with new stories and crafts projects presented on Historic Newton’s Facebook page every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.!