In collaboration with Slocum Hall Design, we are thrilled to share our latest project in Newton! Follow along in our Build Series as we track the progress of this home renovation and addition.


In our first video David Cohen and David Boronkay walk us through how the project came to be and the unique elements of the home.


We are back at our Newton project with David Boronkay from Slocum Hall Design Group! As we walk you through the site, we discuss our progress with framing, plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems! We have made much progress and look forward to sharing the updates.


We are back at our Newton project with Slocum Hall Design Group! Our team has made significant progress! When constructing an addition, blending the original part of the house with the new part is a challenge we often face. We aim to preserve the house’s distinctive character and guarantee that the addition doesn’t seem out of place. Our team explains how they tackled this challenge and guides us through their meticulous selection of finishes that complement the homeowner’s taste.


As we inch closer to the finish line we are excited to share updates from our Newton project! Back on-site with Slocum Hall Design Group, we walk you through the home and share all the interior progress that has been made.