Spring has sprung. It’s time to open those windows and start spending time outside again. Here at Hampden we love the concept of outdoor living and, depending on where you live, it can look very different. Below are some of our favorite outdoor living spaces, from city to suburb.

Deck Living

During the construction of this space the homeowners were set on keeping a tree that sat inside the radius of the proposed deck. As a result, a hole was cut into the decking so the tree could remain in place. The panel surrounding the tree can be removed in case it needs to be accessed. The result is a beautiful seamless indoor/outdoor living area, incorporating its natural environment.

Rooftop Living

The rooftop of this Boston apartment became an extended living space for the unit, with stairs built from the main floor to the roof deck. A skylight glass enclosure acts as a door between the top of the stairs and the outdoor area, opening with the press of a button. Outside, an entire entertainment area with a built-in kitchen, grill space, outdoor fridge, seating and a firepit complete the space as guests overlook the Charles River to one side and Newbury Street on the other.

Backyard Living

This backyard oasis includes a small pool on one side, with a free-standing balcony off the second-level master suite. The result is a stunning space perfect for entertaining and family fun.