Home additions and renovations have become a priority now that people are spending more time at home. Beautiful kitchens, master bedroom suites, and family room additions/renovations have always been popular, but in today’s climate, the design and construction industry notices other emerging trends.

While homeowners have always sought solace in a bathroom oasis, the building industry has seen an increase in requests for wish lists items like soaking tubs and steam rooms.

Home office space has also become a necessity in the past year, rather than an afterthought. We’ve gotten a lot more creative with multi-functional spaces, giving new life to once-neglected areas (garages, basements, etc.). Typically in the past, the first place you’ll look to renovate is the kitchen, but with most families now working remotely, the need for separation (such as a playroom in the basement) has become a top priority.

Personally, the most significant trend we’ve seen at Hampden in 2020/2021 is extending the indoors into the outdoors, creating a comfortable outdoor living space to enjoy year-round. Due to the pandemic, people are spending more time outdoors and adding usable square footage to enjoy every inch of their outside space – providing ways to socialize while still keeping the inside of your home separate. Patios, hot tubs, pools, and large seating areas surrounding a fire pit have been some of the most common requests. There’s a mentality, a psyche shift that’s occurred and is here to stay.

In a recent project, our clients requested a patio with a seated wall surrounding to provide enough space to socially distance with guests. To top off this project, they added outdoor speakers, a 65-inch television (inside a waterproof plastic box to protect from inclement weather), and heating elements for winter. Paradise. By essentially building a family room outside, people can now enjoy the beauty and safety of the outdoors year round.

One thing for certain – the design and construction industry will forever pivot, adapt, and flourish in all of its challenges.