The cold weather is upon us. It’s that time of year where you like to snuggle up against a warm fireplace with a blanket and hot drink. We love building fireplaces at Hampden, and we’ve worked on everything from your standard living room fireplace, to your dual-sided fireplace, to kitchen fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, and everything in between. To us, the fireplace is something to be enjoyed in all seasons, but especially in the winter. As we head into the bulk of New England’s brutally cold season, we’ve compiled some of our favorite fireplaces to date. Stay warm!

The Outdoor Fireplace
Typically meant to be enjoyed in the warmer weather, an outdoor fire pit, if done correctly, is just as cozy and warm in the colder months. This fire pit, created from a one-of-a-kind boulder sourced from a quarry in New Hampshire, hits all the marks and is one of our favorite’s to date.

The Dual-Sided Fireplace
This dual-sided stone fireplace, meant for both warmer and colder months, covers you all year round. This fireplace, pictured above, is shown from the sunroom to enjoy it in the warmer months. Below is the fireplace from the inside, perfect for warming this ample open space in the colder months.

The Living Room Fireplace
When you think of a fireplace, you think of this; cozy seating, custom built-ins and the warmth of the fireplace filling up the room. This is the perfect spot.

The Kitchen Fireplace
Unique in nature, you don’t come across a fireplace in the kitchen too often. This beautiful stone fireplace perfectly accents the walnut cabinets and a wavy textured stone kitchen tile. While providing warmth to the kitchen space, this fireplace also gives this space a ‘wow’ factor.

The Apartment Fireplace
Who says you can’t have a fireplace in a smaller space? This linear fireplace in the living area of this 1,713-square-foot unit is one of our favorites to date. It proves with a bit of engineering and imagination, you can create something cozy, beautiful, and practical within a small amount of space.