They come in every shape and size. They can be enclosed or exposed; mid-century modern, rustic, traditional, contemporary, or everything in between. They can be any color or material, standard or completely customizable.

Built-ins can be just as unique as a home; no two are the same. They’re space-dependent and style-dependent. Enclosed, they can provide a fantastic storage solution for all that excess clutter or a hide-a-bed for overnight guests. Exposed, they can show off your style with collectibles, books, plants, and photos. We find that most homeowners enjoy some combination of the two.

Any room can accommodate built-ins. A living room, office, hallway, or bedroom – they’re versatile, attractive, and a solid built-in can be the anchor of any space. Ultimately, well-designed built-ins take advantage of underutilized spaces and can transform any room from ordinary to WOW.