How do you take a boulder and transform it into a custom-made fire pit for your backyard?
You pick the type of stone; you pick which boulder, and you turn it into a fire pit. Easy right? Guess again!

The overall goal of this project was to create an outdoor living space that mirrored the stylish design of the client’s new living room. To achieve this, we built a new deck – and with any outdoor space, the client’s insisted on a fire pit. Thinking outside the box, and to make the space more unique, we opted to find a one-of-a-kind boulder, sourced from a quarry in New Hampshire. We did not want anything cookie-cutter, made in a factory, or poured from a mold.

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Unfortunately for us, the deck was built prior to selecting our boulder. As a result, after we received the size of this massive rock, we had to completely rebuild the deck to accommodate its weight. This became an intricate three-step process.

First, we got the template of the boulder in place, made sure it was the right size, and figured out the furniture arrangement, we then had to build a cinderblock footing structure to support the boulder.

Next, for the biggest challenge – we needed to get this boulder to its new home. Weighing many tons, we enlisted the help of a crane to pick up the boulder and carry it over the home, placing it into the concrete support.
After finally arriving at its new home, we assembled the fire pit, fitted the gas piping, and scribed each deck board to perfectly meet the sides of the jagged edged stone. By scribing each board, we were able to create a seamless fit against the boulder, making it appear as though they are structurally attached.

Problem Solved, and the result speaks for itself!